Antistatic Fabric (ESD Fabric)

Antistatic Fabric

Antistatic fabrics, also known as ESD fabrics, are designed to inhibit triboelectric charging and minimize the risk of static discharge, which can be a hazardous in various industries, particularly those involving combustible fuels, gases, and dust. Static discharge can also cause damage to sensitive electronic equipment and components, and pose a risk in clean rooms.

KPPL offers a range of antistatic fabrics that have been specifically developed to provide the best static control and eliminate electrostatic charges from the surface of the fabric. These fabrics are designed to prevent incendiary sparks and damage to electronic equipment, and ensure the safe assembly of sensitive components in clean rooms.

The antistatic properties of KPPL fabrics are achieved through the use of specialized fibres and finishes that dissipate the static charge and prevent triboelectric charging. These fabrics have been tested and certified to meet industry standards for electrostatic discharge protection and can provide long-lasting and reliable performance in a wide range of applications.