Filter Press Fabric

Filter Press Fabric

We are Filter Press Fabric and Cloth manufacturer, supplier in Mumbai, India. Khosla filters have 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of industry-leading products for chamber and membrane filter press fabrics.

The evolution of the modern filter press had seen a dramatic increase in the physical size and production capacity for certain markets. Our product portfolio is continuing to evolve and expand to meet these high-performance requirements. As focus moves to environmental considerations such as de-watering of Mine Tailings, Khosla is continuing to innovate with heavyweight, Dimensionally Stable with improved mechanically resistant, Good flow rates, and longer life.

At Khosla, we bring our extensive industry experience and knowledge to meet your process requirements. We understand the challenges faced by the modern mining sector. Khosla Profil focuses on your requirements and works with you when you are facing Critical process Parameters. We partner with you to provide solutions that are best suited for your process and operational goals. Whether your process is focused on minerals or energy, we are experts in fine-tuning our filtration products to maximize your product value.

With years of experience in this essential filtration process, we have continuously developed our filter media characteristics to include :- arrowExcellent dimensional stability arrowFlexibility to allow fixing into position without damaging yarns arrowGood abrasion resistance arrowHigh permeability to enable good flow rates arrowOutstanding durability to resist abrasion from the suction trays arrowSmooth surface finish to media to assist in cake discharge arrowStrong media design to avoid creases leading to potential weak point

At Khosla, we pride ourselves on being customer centred. We have the expertise and decades of experience to assist our customers in reaching their processing need of Filtration media .Our highly trained sales team is supported by application and industry experts and backed by state-of-the-art laboratories to review your process and select the optimum media for you. we are eager to hear from you.

Advanced Stitching Techniques :-

At khosla , we pride ourselves on quality and performance with the filter media. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our highly trained fabrication staff ensure that each filter cloth is made to the highest standards as per customer needs.

Automated Sewing M/c :-

When precision sewing is necessary, for example with the Zero Leakage BF cloth, Khosla has automated sewing to enable us to produce madeups to meet the most stringent tolerances.

Laser Cutting :-

Khosla has laser State -OF -art cutting equipment . Each bespoke item is designed on CAD CAM. Capable of cutting today’s largest filter cloths, the laser’s speed and precision ensure our customers receive the best-fitting product every time.

Edge Sealing :-

When additional protection from the chance of leakage is required, Khosla applies high-performance sealants to fully block the closing faces of the cloths. Using spray booth techniques, we ensure a homogenous sealant layer on every cloth.

High Grade Ancillaries :-

Khosla sources the highest-grade ancillary items in the fabrication of our Filter press cloths. Matching polymer types, using chemical resistant metals, high-strength hook and loop or specialty polymer zipping, we ensure the performance of our ancillary pieces matches the quality performance of our media.

High Performance Eyelets :-

We are proud to introduce the concept of Fabric Eyelets to replace the conventional metal eyelets. The concept is proven and the technology is well accepted worldwide appreciated by our overseas customers.

Advantages of Fabric Eyelets over conventional metallic eyelets :-
Fabric used for Eyelets & body (Filter Panel) is same leading to similar physical & chemical characteristics Inert to Acids, Alkalies etc Completely Corrosion free Environmental friendly as no metal used hence recyclable Internationally approved